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Building a new home can be a dream come true.  That is if you are willing and able to dedicate the time, energy and expertise it takes to make sure your Builder -- and your Builder's Subcontractors -- build you the home you're paying for.

To assist you, Guardian Inspection & Information Services® offers a variety of professional inspection & information products specially designed to Make sure your Dream Home is a Good Home sm.

Key Inspection Checkpoints
Guardian offers Individual Inspections on an as-needed basis, as well as special Construction Progress Packages to monitor the progress and workmanship of your new home at various key stages of construction.
Pre-Foundation Inspection
Supporting Walls Inspection
Dry-In Inspection
Pre-Lath Inspection
Punch-List / Substantial Completion Inspection

In some instances, more steps are necessary. In others, less will suffice.  But in all cases, you will require a Punch- List Inspection prior to your final acceptance of the home from the Builder.

Internet Photo Reports at
Track the progress of your new construction right from your computer!  Thanks to the Internet, Digital Photographs taken at your Inspections can be displayed on a private web page at our Web Site.
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uncovered during New Construction
Progress Inspections

Satisfied Clients
"I'm very pleased... The information that I was provided [with] was an important tool I was able to use in order to be able to prove to the builders certain changes and corrections, as well as make them aware that I too had people looking out for us as prospective buyers. With the reports provided, I had the leverage to get things done. I can't stress enough how the inspections provided undeniable truth that certain issues needed to be addressed... The professional manner in which these two gentlemen conducted themselves was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone and I have. And believe me, I have expressed to several friends already the importance of home inspections. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication."

 Evelyn Laboy-Junca, homebuyer
(new home under construction)
Orlando, FL

"As a trained architect with a Master's Degree in Building Construction, I could not have performed an inspection to the degree or to the extent that Leonard Brunotte did to aid the purchase of my new home. It was money well spent. I would not hesitate to employ Guardian Inspection & Information Services."

Edward D'Avi, homebuyer
AIA Architect
Melbourne, FL

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