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© 1999 was recently featured on the front page of the FLORIDA TODAY newspaper -- acknowledging the many benefits of our multi-faceted web site.  

Leonard Brunotte, founder and editor of, was interviewed for the piece, which included a photo from a recent inspection of a new home under construction.

Speaking of our commitment to maximizing the power of Internet for the benefit of our clients and customers, the article states, "Brunotte does most things in a high-tech manner, taking a digital camera and a laptop computer with him on every inspection so that virtually every aspect of what he sees may be logged into client files attached to his Web site."

Of course, the article was referring to our innovative use of the Internet to allow our inspection clients to see and to download their inspection reports with actual digital photos taken at their inspection.  Thus highlighting what makes our inspection & information service so different from the others. 

"Our customers and clients don't come to us just to do an inspection... they come to us for Information. The kind of information that will help them make an informed purchase decision... or maximize their investment in the home or commercial property they already own. Offering digital inspection photos on the Internet is part of that goal."

Which is exactly why was created.

As Brunotte explains, "The entire focus of our company is to help people from making a costly mistake.  Whether you're here in our backyard or a million miles away, thanks to this amazing technology, we are able to provide helpful information and honest answers to everyone who will listen."

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