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Inspection #O2850B
July 16, 1999 at 10:30AM

Inspection #O2850C
August 12, 1999 at 2:00PM

Mvc-580l_Exterior.jpg (70235 bytes) EXTERIOR OF HOME

Front view from street.

Mvc-693l_Exterior.jpg (59715 bytes)
Mvc-499l_Moulding.jpg (41181 bytes) AUXILIARY SYSTEMS

1.   Exterior molding / trim at garage doors was not painted.

2.  Excessive debris in garage; inadequate housecleaning.

Mvc-695l_GarageDoor.jpg (39959 bytes)
Mvc-505l_Sod.jpg (186999 bytes) 3.  Sod was not rolled, and had voids and dead areas.

no image

Mvc-502l_StuccoCrack.jpg (63303 bytes)

Mvc-503l_JennAir.jpg (108034 bytes)

4.  Stucco had visible cracking; multiple areas.




5.  Jenn-Air exhaust pipes were not finished.

Mvc-661l_StuccoCrack.jpg (75096 bytes)

Mvc-662l_JennAir.jpg (76496 bytes)

Mvc-504l_WindowCaulk.jpg (102569 bytes)

Mvc-506l_PoolEQSlab.jpg (113260 bytes)

6.  Windows had improper caulking; poor workmanship and incomplete throughout.




7.   Pool equipment slab was not properly finished.

Mvc-663l_WindowCaulk.jpg (77935 bytes)

Mvc-675l_PoolEQPad.jpg (106518 bytes)

Mvc-508l_StuccoEdging.jpg (113902 bytes) 8.  Stucco corners were improperly finished; exposed edging. Mvc-679l_StuccoEdge.jpg (81144 bytes)
Mvc-510l_WindowPainted.jpg (41835 bytes) 9.  Paint and stucco slop on windows. Mvc-687l_Front2Window.jpg (53023 bytes)
Mvc-511l_StuccoCrackLintel.jpg (56517 bytes) 10.  Cracked stucco at front door lintel area; lintel inaccessible. Mvc-684l_FrontDoorLintel.jpg (37138 bytes)
Mvc-513l_FrontDoorUnfin.jpg (55089 bytes) 11.  Front porch area was unfinished and had stucco slop. Mvc-681l_FrontDoor.jpg (51851 bytes)
Mvc-514l_FrontDoorFrame.jpg (59428 bytes) 12.  Stucco over door framing with cracking at join. Mvc-682l_FrontDoorFrame.jpg (55536 bytes)
Mvc-515l_FrontCleanout.jpg (105680 bytes) 13.  Stucco slop over cleanout cap at front porch. Mvc-683l_Cleanout.jpg (91086 bytes)
Mvc-520l_WindowCracked.jpg (67061 bytes) 14.  Garage window pane was broken. Mvc-688l_GarageWindowPane.jpg (43241 bytes)
Mvc-522l_FasciaCaulk.jpg (40600 bytes) 15.  Fascia area was heavily caulked at garage face instead of being recut from previous inspection. Mvc-690l_GarageFascia.jpg (67277 bytes)
Mvc-523l_FormBoards.jpg (74699 bytes) 16.  Form boards were not removed at slab / driveway. Mvc-691l_Driveway.jpg (51790 bytes)
Mvc-524l_GarageCutthru.jpg (59373 bytes) 17.  Garage ceiling was damaged; abandoned cut through for attic entry pulldown stairs. Mvc-702l_GarageCeiling.jpg (38202 bytes)
Mvc-525l_GaragePulldown.jpg (61340 bytes) 18.  Attic entry pulldown stairs had conflict with overhead door; cannot open both simultaneously. Mvc-703l_Pulldown.jpg (58732 bytes)
Mvc-526l_GarageMortar.jpg (34996 bytes) 19.  Poor masonry with slop (visible at garage interior).

no image

Mvc-527l_GarageMortar.jpg (36811 bytes) 20.  Broken masonry with mortar excess (visible at garage interior). Mvc-697l_MasonrySpackle.jpg (34342 bytes)
Mvc-528l_GarageCrack.jpg (49642 bytes) 21.  Poor masonry – cracking at window (visible at garage interior). Mvc-700l_GarageMasonry.jpg (30963 bytes)
Mvc-516l_ShutterArched.jpg (45029 bytes) 22.  Window shutters did not match.

no image

Mvc-531l_SlabCrack.jpg (45124 bytes) 23.  Concrete slab had cracking – patching repair observed.

24.  Slab had mortar slop in living room area.

25.  Concrete slab (front room).

26.  Exterior patio door (from living room) and lintel were not plumb.

27.  Exterior patio door (from master bedroom) was not hung properly – not plumb.

28.  Pool was not completed; filled with garbage and debris.  Pool bottom step was broken.

29.  Patio area had fresh paint over unfinished walls with caulking slop.

Mvc-742l_FloorCover.jpg (75385 bytes)
Mvc-556l_FloorSwale.jpg (38264 bytes) 30.  Second floor landing had noticeable swale; flooring was not level. 

Excessive space around the floor receptacles was observed.

Mvc-707l_RailStanchion.jpg (49064 bytes)
Mvc-539l_KitcBath.jpg (45595 bytes) PLUMBING SYSTEMS

1.   Kitchen-Area Bathroom was unfinished, and toilet seal was loose at flooring base; improperly installed

2.  Master Bathroom was unfinished.

a.  Tub was unprotected, filled with trash.

b.  Ceiling paint on walls, patched wall areas – needs repainting.

c.  Sliding pocket door was damaged; scrapes against frame.

Mvc-734l_PoolBath.jpg (41320 bytes)
Mvc-561l_DuctSeal.jpg (74316 bytes) HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) SYSTEM

1.  Ductwork in second floor attic had no Mastik/sealing compound at connections.

Mvc-704l_AtticDucts.jpg (57204 bytes)
Mvc-566l_TornBarrier.jpg (62143 bytes) 2.  Radiant barrier was torn loose in multiple areas in second floor and garage attic; recommend evaluation of inaccessible soffit areas for proper clearance opening and proper installation procedures of radiant barrier material (high temperature measured in all attic spaces). Mvc-705l_Radiant.jpg (85946 bytes)
Mvc-570l_VentDents.jpg (85521 bytes) 3.  Exterior attic vent covers had impact damage; units were crushed in from outside. Mvc-715l_ScoopVents.jpg (73718 bytes)
Mvc-544l_MClosetRecpt.jpg (58451 bytes) ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS

1.  Front porch overhead lamp was not level.

2.  Patio junction box on wall was not plumb.

3.  Master bedroom closet receptacle had improper wiring; wire under receptacle cover plate.

no image

Mvc-571l_RoofFlashing.jpg (116105 bytes) ROOFING SYSTEMS

1.  Exterior roofing had no crickets to divert water from cheek walls.

2.  Shingle damage was observed at roofing over back patio.

3.  Cheek wall flashing was unfinished.

3.  Roof decking over back porch area was spongy in several areas; evidence of possible sheathing damage underneath roof cover (inaccessible).

Mvc-717l_CheekWall.jpg (111861 bytes)
Mvc-564l_CordSplit.jpg (72968 bytes)


1.  Attic truss cord was broken and spliced (second floor attic).

Mvc-706l_TrussSplice.jpg (65028 bytes)

August 12, 1999

1.  Fascia damage at southwest corner of pool patio; evidence of possible water damage. Mvc-665l_Fascia.jpg (32676 bytes)
Mvc-500l_HoseBibb.jpg (89694 bytes) 2.  Multiple hosebibbs improperly encased in wood and stucco. Mvc-673l_HoseBibb.jpg (75065 bytes)
Mvc-507l_ElectSlop.jpg (49327 bytes) 3.  Stucco slop from previous inspection. Mvc-677l_StuccoSlop.jpg (43527 bytes)
4.  Garage slab crack. Mvc-698l_GarageFloor.jpg (32959 bytes)
5.  Missing tile-to-carpet cap. Mvc-708l_TileCarpet.jpg (52533 bytes)
6.  Attic security alarm horn was not properly secured. Mvc-721l_AlarmHorn.jpg (51486 bytes)
7. Incomplete floor cover installation and missing cordaround molding strip. Mvc-729l_FloorMolding.jpg (23761 bytes)
8.  Master bedroom ceilings were not painted at air duct register areas; registers were not painted.


no image

9.  WIndow frame damage (front dining room unit). Mvc-727l_WindowScratch.jpg (95104 bytes)

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