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Construction Profit Management gives you access to today's most powerful secrets for building big profits into your construction projects and firm.  Here are just some of the profit-building strategies and techniques you will learn:

  • 111 of the most common reasons construction projects lose money... and how to avoid them
  • How you can succeed with a profit management system
  • How to achieve control and maximize profit
  • How to use Risk Management to identify and eliminate threats to your profits
  • How to use Bid Management to win big contracts
  • Tested ways to generate and maintain a positive cash flow
  • A simplified Scheduling System that lets you see at a glance every job in your ongoing projects
  • How changes in the External Market affect profit
  • How to keep external factors such as Supplier Delays and Change Orders from harming you profit picture
  • Money management techniques that help you project and control company growth and profits
  • How to use a Collection Management system to collect all payments due to you on time
  • How to set up a system of Communications between all parties on the construction project.
About the Author
In his twenty-five years in the construction industry, Leonard Brunotte has managed and controlled construction projects of every size and type.  He is an acknowledged expert in a wide range of technical construction and management areas including engineering, purchasing, scheduling, project supervision - as well as bid, risk, money and collection management.  The holder of an MBA degree with additional concentrations in marketing, finance and international business from Loyola University of Chicago, Mr. Brunotte is currently president of Deerfield Consultants & Associates, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in providing profit management solutions to the construction industry.

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Construction Profit Management also includes...
  • Detailed Action Checklists
    No opportunity will be lost due to an oversight or forgotten detail.
  • Sample Budget
    Illustrates the positive and negative variations of a typical budget for a period of one year.
  • Forms and Worksheets
    For use in cost estimation, documentation, record keeping, these forms have been job-tested for relevance and effectiveness.
  • Sample Recovery Claim
    This detailed recovery claim is a real-life case of what was done to receive full payment from a delinquent client.  You can use this claim as a working model to prepare you own effective recovery claim.
Book Reviews - Construction Profit Management

"Mr Brunotte has some sound advice on how to say profitable in the turbulent world of the construction contracting industry and tells it all in a style that is, at the same time, entertaining and instructive."

                                        Roger C. Burns, Consulting Engineer
                                        Hayden-Wegman, Inc.
                                         New York, NY

"Mr Brunotte has written a lively, forceful, comprehensive, and useful treatise on the business of contracting. He offers cogent presentations of business theories, of practical realities, and of ways of surviving and flourishing in the construction industry. In short, Mr. Brunotte has created a bible for profitability in contracting."

                                         Andrew Alpern, Architect
                                         Coopers & Lybrand
                                         New York, NY

"Most rewarding for contractors. Covers the present day problems peculiar to today's construction industry. Mr. Brunotte's procedures help contractors avoid a variety of construction problems."

                                         O. Mike Marinelli, Chairman
                                         Intercounty Construction Corp.
                                         Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"So your last job was technically superb, but the bottom line was in the red? Leonard Brunotte has compiled a complete guide of current financial tools for the construction oriented contractor. He covers methods to increase profitability in your construction firm."

                                         Dr. A.G. Malliaris, Director
                                         Graduate School of Business
                                         Loyola University of Chicago

"Leonard Brunotte's practical guide to profitable construction management is an excellent work. This valuable tool helps contractors identify problem areas and resolve them through a uniquely-tailored program. I highly recommend."

                                         Michael E. Kelly, President
                                         First Bank of Oak Park
                                         Oak Park, IL

"Leonard Brunotte provides a sound approach to the claims problems facing construction contractors. Using a set of excellent cases, Brunotte offers a practical framework for successful contracting management."

                                        Daniel G. Walter, Director of Services
                                        National Electrical Contractors                                         Association
                                        Bethesda, MD


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