Logos & Servicemarks
As a TeamGuardian member, you qualify to wear and use the various Guardian brand logos, trade/service marks, and business slogans to effectively position you in the marketplace and develop your business to its fullest potential:
  • Guardian Inspection 
    & Information Services

  • "Making sure your Dream Home is a Good Home"(sm)

  • "Home of the Guaranteed Inspection"(sm)

  • TeamGuardian(sm)

  • The "New Home" Inspectors(sm)

  • myGuardian.com(sm)

TeamGuardian is Synergy
These and other logos and trade/ servicemarks were developed over years and test-marketed at substantial expense with your success in mind.  As a member, you qualify to use and benefit from these logos and marks without the financial and legal burden of buying a franchise.

The Guardian name positions you as a market leader with a name that is recognizable and trustworthy.

We know what it takes to make your inspection business profitable -- and we know you don't have a money tree to make your dream a reality.


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TeamGuardian(sm) is a service mark of Guardian Inspection Services, Inc.
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